RAE dissects failure of video tutorials promise for a way consumers can 'easily' learn to access box office tickets online via mobile devices or desktops. RAE offers the RESOLUTION NOW. SECURE. 




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Invariably, a sizable number of mobile device users are led to believe that learning how to have tickets digitized to device fields can be effortlessly accomplished through online sources offering the promise to do exactly. Unfortunately, this is not always true.

Ever search "How Do I Get Box Office Tickets Sent Online To My Device? " then get variations of easy-to-follow video tutorials? How 'easy' were they? Did we finally get it? Did we go away feeling like  'champions' or like a confused Emoji? If after experiences like these we're still without capability, RAE shares various reasons - and a resolution - NOW.




Ease-Of-Learning To Get Online Tickets - Betrayed

What unsuspecting consumers learn is that these video tutorials entail a complex series of motions accompanied by rapid flashes of images synonymous to fast talk. Combined these make for an immensely intimidating experience. However, consumers who are really determined view these difficult videos/trailers multiple times before they get it right. This latter scenario contradicts consumer initial expectations, however,  (encouraged by headlines for these) for  EASE-of-learning how it is done.


 RAE findings through an independent study are that there are 3 major reasons video tutorials for online box office ticket access overwhelmingly FAIL innumerable consumers:

1.  Hosts of a large number of these supposed 'easy-to-learn' tutorials demonstrate user-ease with mobile devices which are generally of incompatible design and engineering.  Most are 'neanderthal ' - as are the videos. Although there are some who use the same outmoded make, model, etc… there are millions of others who do not. In effect many of these videos are presented giving the impression that one-size-fits-all, when, in today's world, the mobile device market is widely confirmed as consistently enhancing their market niche through continuing to be 'different' from the rest. They are not the same.

2. The pace. The speed of the video/trailer presentations is usually too rapid and confusing. In other words, well-meaning hosts are so advanced at utilizing their own mobile devices that they effortlessly present at paces which are too fast for consumers to digest. It is the equivalent of quickly performing algebraic equations when all consumers expect to learn is the basic math….at their own pace.

3.  Clutter. Mobile devices used for the demonstrations are usually replete with images and text records related to solely the user experience of hosts. Consequently, although their intent is to guide, this approach unfortunately adds complexity to what is already a maze to consumers. 


It is granted that online consumers, especially when browsing for luxury items [as the ability to order tickets online], are reasonably flustered when they do not get what they are led to believe they would. In this regard -  An ease-of-learning experience. There are,  unfortunately, dashed hopes for relishing the convenience of possessing digitally generated box office tickets to avoid the long lines. This nature of information overload accompanied by the awkwardness of presentation gives cause for those so disappointed to settle for ‘the ease’ of waiting on line at the theater until called to the ticket window.

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