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RAE SUPPORT: This online entertainment entity always focuses on providing  best possible virtual experiences. These comprise an interesting array of among the most colorful picks of movie and tv drama, rom-com, sports, etc. On select pages such as "Batman-Kingdom of Streams," there are links to related books+ collectors' memorabilia. 


Enjoy streaming your favorite motion pictures + television  episodes commercial-free. After all, we didn't pay for these interruptions.Why tolerate them?
To R.A.E.'s knowledge,  none of the virtual entertainment movies have in-built commercials. However, some devices patrons obtain from other sources may be "hardwired" to introduce commercials if the pause button is pressed twice i.e., first, when we want to pause the movie, then when we press it again to resume viewing. These are called "pause commercials/ads. " Know your device.  It may be possible for  manufacture to suggesrhow to disable that function.


Greatest War Movies Alive. Want to see war movies? There's just something about war that really gets our attention. It's really not so much as the carnage as it's the "cause." 
We hear a distant echo from days gone by - but even today "There's a time for war and a time for peace." When our freedom and the lives of those we love are threatened, we may opt for the "W-word." Often, it is not something we want to do. However, at times it becomes a last resort to force our enemy to cease and desist from their negative behavior. This page honors the valor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice - and those who lived to tell the story.


Did we turn to video tutorials on You Tube or by some others means to learn how to generate tickets to our devices? Like most, didn't work. This is about WHY.


Here's where we get the best value on increasing our options regardless of type of compatible device we have using this exclusive virtual entertainment portal.


Here, we get a birds-eye experience of the great selections of motion pictures (both regular and TV) showcased and accessed at our command.


Batman Kingdom of Streams offers dozens of power-packed Bat-Flicks shuttled instantly through cyberspace to wherever we are with our devices.


Locate the theater nearest you or where you're headed in the United States. Free to use. Just tap the "Locate Nearest Box Office Now" button.


Dozens of picks showcased and accessed from this page sub-divided in 3 Sections: 2020, 2019, and Pre-2019. Each has button to instantly jettison to section of choice. Fast!


In memoriam, a humble display on this site of last American Top 10 movies before industry-wide-box office closures March 26, 2020. Top 3: Onward, Bloodshot, I Still Believe.


 Biographies - Yesterday-Today Adapted To Great Movies. Stream our favorites. Icons and the lives they lived - or still do: James Brown, Sir Elton John, Gabby Thompson, JFK., Jackie, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Freddie Mercury, Johnny Cash, and lots others. Also for practically unlimited life stories, just hit the "Biographic Master" button at end of this Catalog. No problem.


 If It's Playing Nationwide (US), Here's Where We Can Begin To Reap The  Benefits. This Can Be Especially Awesome If We're On The Road Headed For A Very Special Destination: Mom's. Dad's, Other Relatives, Friends, Or Just To A New Neighborhood. We Can Learn What's Playing There And Reserve Seats Just As We're About To Have The Digital Tickets Jettisoned To Our Mobile Devices. Done!


250 Plus Sports Films
Here are among the greatest fights ever to grace the screen by actors and true boxers, maritial artists, and wrestlers. Mano A Mana Moviedome is everything its said to be. Offered are incredible movie streams and documentaries of some of the biggest names in their given profession: Muhammad Ali, Van Damm, Bruce Lee, Michelle Yeoh, et al 


 Do We  FUNKO?  If We Do, FUNKORAE Can Help Quench Our Thirst. Quite A Collection FUNKO FAVORITES. But These Are Only The Tip Of The Iceberg Since To Access, We'll Tap Into Books-a-Million. They Have Literally Hundreds More To Choose From. So We Thought RAE Was Only About Virtual Entertainment?


 Get To Know RAE Better. Notice there's no bombardment with strange ads? But there's also speed and variety in that in a flash, you've got access to four of the biggest related operations in America to choose from. At any given moment, you can connect with any or all right from here - known and used by millions ... including you. Learn more.


Preview the show we're interested in first., then, if we'd like to stream it, if we're not already using the service, of course, we'll have to sign up. After all, we don't want just anyone to access it right?  When we sign up for something we've already previewed, it protects our right to have it streamed to our devices, alone. 


Dynamic Science of Life's Mysteries: An exclusive online vehicle for easily accessing thousands of authorized true stories and studies which encompass an interesting array of Nature, History, Science, Technology, Society, and many intriguing facts about our Lifestyles and those of innumerable others around the world. ing.
25 Top Horror Movies: An American Werewolf in London. David Kessler and Jack Goodman arrive in Northern England for a walking tour. One night, a beast attacks them, killing Jack. Weeks later Jack returns to warn David that a werewolf was their assailant., and that he is now the last of the werewolves! Ahhh! Then the other scary movies... Ahhh!


 RARE  STAR  WARS  12.  There are few known websites which features all 12 major Star Wars movies in one place. Usually, Star Wars fans search from one website to another hoping to find all these in one place. Now fans have the convenience and leisure of visiting this page with on-page scan ability of any of these 12 classics right here, right now.



Best Superhero Movies. An exhaustive "stream-a-pedia" of all-American superpower. Spider-Man, Judge Dredd, Avengers, Aquaman, Superman, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hulk, Elektra, Ragnarok, Logan, Justice League - all here. There are even picks which go as far back as our parents' and grandparents'  "hey, hey," days.


 Rapid Theater Ticket Access. Featuring - "The War With Grandpa" Stars Robert DeNiro. Box Offices aren't as populated but they're open. Reserve seats now. Movies Now Playing Nationally for Public Viewing: Tenet, Unhinged, And The Broken Hearts Gallery. Other New Flicks - The New Mutants, Shortcut, Save Yourselves.


 Best Family Easter Films: There are so many wonderful movies we can stream, especially, to our homes or while we're indoors about this great occasion. In many circles, Easter is among the most amazing special days for family and close acquaintences to be together as one, enjoying some of the greatest views ever set to stream.


Family Box Office Ticket Connection: Among the most family-oriented picks, especially from the largest entertainment space at home or in another private space where we can just kick back and relish the moment. Whatever our favorite "movie-watching" food, snacks, and beverage may be, this is really a moment to share.
Screendog Bow Bow: Definitely, this one is for dog-lovers. So if we're rearing to stream any or all of this "bite-sized" smogasboard of our four-legged best buddies, here's one of the areas we can visit at the tap of a key. There are also a respectable number of "exotic" films like real military  and police dogs, aside from a few hollywood debutantes!


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Best and Some Watchable Streams of Post-Box Office and Television favorites at our fingertips. Speed! No rambling! See what we want - Get it. Don't like irritating commercials - great - don't worry about seeing them in any of these incredible streams. Fast! If not signed up, no problem. We don't have to sign in to see the trailers. Also we don't see any we didn't ask to see. There's something for everyone. Secure web environment. Rapid!






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