CONSUMER  RELATIONS  POLICY  explains RAE'S online consumer service parameters. This includes providing a secure virtual environment where visitors can enjoy the luxuary of perusing streamble entertainment services without advertising interruptions. 



R.A.E. is an exclusive "breezeway" for avid movie and tv streamers to instantly access many of the best productions.  As the bonus, there's also the luxury of  providing rapid ticket access service to select box office movies for patrons to go to and enjoy!
These enjoyable services are from among the best online entertainment sources in the U.S.  All accessibility is Faster and More Convenient. No hoops. No  threatening outside advertising interruptions.   
This is a choice portal to @Fandango, VUDU-Fandango, Books-A-Million [if we want to access movie-tv-related books, also] , and Curiosity Stream. Each provide rapid on-demand related services and products.  R.A.E. is an immediate springboard to them. But there's more. 



Notice There's No Bombardment With Irritating Advertisements. 

This entity believes that ALL visitors should be treated with respect and honor..... not lured  and solicited by malicious banners of "alien" advertising concerns. 

On this website, you are welcome to peruse safely and  in peace.




Another Fast Service Virtual Entertainment Portal. 

The phrase "This entity" as it appears ahead, pertains to RoseyAccessEntertainment

A Few Quick Facts To Dispel Questions

About This Exclusive Service:

This entity:

is not : a  "merchandising" concern. 
does not solicit for or otherwise require or have access to consumer accounts.
*does not engage in or encourage transactions of any nature with the same.
*is not a "pay-per-click" engagement.

*This entity  is a dedicated consumer entertainment service.  Information is shared  about useful consumer service-product offerings. These are not made available by this portal. Instead, said service-product offerings are made available through consumer verified and favored merchandising entities  (Merchandisers) with whom online patrons choose to transact business. 
R.A.E does not not solicit funds at any time from consumers or otherwise accept, process, handle, track, or have any direct relation to consumer transactions, orders, or other business specifically the accountability of said Merchandisers  (merchandising entities).


Merchandisers within the meaning of this statement are merchandising entities which we researched and found to have overall and long-term excellence for offering and delivering useful on-demand consumer services-products.
This useful information and all related links are available for visitors to use without preconditions to connect with merchandisers earlier specified to access virtual related items for previewing and/or ordering. Therefore, when/if issues arise among patrons about such services/products of said merchandising entities, it is kindly requested that such issues/inquiries be referred to the same.





Although [R.A.E.]  is sincerely proud and honored sharing free information online with patrons about time-worthy and immensely helpful services-products offered by previously mentioned reputable merchandising entities, it cannot legally intervene or otherwise meddle in any way with  matters pertaining to disputes which may/can occur or general inquiries best addressed with said merchandising entities. They alone have the inherent legal prerogative to respond to these as they arise.





Here, "We" and "This Entity" pertain to
1. We  will not at any time share or otherwise market your name, email address, or any other private personal information you share with this entity which is specifically traceable to you.
2. We are  a no-fee online consumer service entity with special emphasis on sharing useful information about on-demand services-products patrons are enthusiastic about. This entity does not  and has no cause to require fees or otherwise transact business with patrons. Therefore, there is no requirement nor initiative for accessing information such as consumer full names, date of birth,  and other sensitive numbers and private information including those connected to financial accounts.
3. However, if there is information consumers share which can be legally shared to the benefit to other consumers and to this online entity better serving them, we may use that information alone, but will not mention the name or associative names, titles,, email address(s), or any other privileged business or personal information which is universally regarded as private and unsuitable for sharing without the consumer's expressed, written consent.


[ Violators Will Be Especially Noted ]
However, legitimate patrons are welcome to ask questions, offer comments and suggestions which are strictly related to  Patrons can feel free to use the contact form provided below:







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